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Doggy daycare is the ultimate canine party central! It's a tail-wagging extravaganza where your furry friend spends the day making BFFs, chasing tennis balls, enjoying our pup-tastic playground. With dog-loving supervisors, it's a non-stop celebration of barks, wags and maybe even a nap or two. It's the place where your pup can go to have a howlin' good time while you're out and about!


Explore our daycare options below to learn more. 

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Our daycare is open from 7:00AM - 7:00PM Monday through Friday and you can drop off and pick up your pet anytime between those hours.

Your pup will benefit from a day of play, mental stimulation and socialization with the pack for:

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Half Day

up to 5 hours

Full Day

any amount of time during operating hours



add ons & Upgrades

Enrichment activities:

  • bubble paw-ty!

  • extra cuddle time

  • lunchtime Kong (dog)

  • kitty Kong (cat)

  • snack mat

  • mini agility

  • personalized play

  • relaxing brush out

  • sniff walk adventure

  • snuffle mat

  • puzzle time

Grooming add-ons:

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